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Trauma Switch - ON by StummerVogel

how you portray them is admirable. i enjoy such art that is not doujinshi, unless it is about kuriboh/human hybrids. (like myself, exce...

Friends inside and out by livinlovindude

i personaly love all of your work and your style has made what i beleive to be the ultimate bonding between friends of different specie...


    "Do you really want to know how my mind works? Several eternities of life without having ever lived? to understand my psyche? Is that your wish child?" I ask, looking at Luna, pleading in my voice for her to change her decision
  "No, you are my friend and I want to know why you hurt every moment of everyday and night"

    I sigh and sit in front of her, placing my hooves on her cheeks "Last chance to not do this"
She snorts "just stop being melodramatic"

    I smile and place my horn onto hers, opening my mind to her

    She lnds with incredible grace, looking around the blank whiteness around her "This is the inside of your mind?"

    She yelps and turns around to look at me "how are you inside your own mind?"
"Simple, I desire to be. Now... shall we go?"
She nods and a door appears, covered with symbols and runes, the meaning of them known only to me "Follow me and don't ever step off my shadow, that's the only anchor to stop you from losing you mind"
We walk, a swirl of colors and bits of debris floating around us "This atmosphere is the first level of defense within my mind, only I can see a path and if someone else were to wander into this, they'd be lost and eventually ejected out of my mind"
Approaching another door, this one blank of symbols. This is a locked door that reacts only to a pressure in a place only I know" I press on the door, leading luna to another area
a place full of blades and weapons of every era and type
"Why are there so many weapons? I can't even name most of these" luna says, levitating a giant Chakram hoop
"This is the armory. this where I have memorized every weapon Kuroneko can turn into. the only way to make the real door open is to choose the form best befitting it" I say, looking through a pile
"Wouldn't that be what it looks like when it's in the scabbard?"
I smile at her "No, this is what it is. A shield covered in blood on the inside. the blood of those I couldn't save" the shield glows and a third door appears, this one with just a hole in it 
"last chance-"
She pushes past me and nods to the door "Open it"
I sigh and place my hoof in the hole, the door disappearing before we are enveloped in light

"Here we are. my mind" I say, Luna stirring
she yawns and opens one eye, the other following in shock "this... this... Dear stars Midnight... this is horrible!"
I chuckle "An infinite library filled with ever memory I have, the walls built from pure insanity, this is what the inside of my very being looks like. So in that sense, it will not be complete until the final chapter is written. MY death"

She grabs a book and opens it, her eyes widening with tears "M-Midnight... this is..."

I shrug "My past, I need to remember the past so that I can grow and make sure it never happens again"

"But this... this is..." her voice cracks "This is Lyra's death... you know how she's going to die?"

I nod solemnly "Yeah, I know how the lives of all my friends are going to end. I know that I can try to avert it, but only so much... I also know when the moon rises for the last time"

She pauses and nods "I understand, but this isn't why you didn't want me to come here, is it?"

I grin, defeated "You got me Princess, The real reason why I didn't want you to was so that you wouldn't see how my mind is structured 


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mutsumi youkai
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i am a immortal parasite expunged from my home planet (whom i forget its location and its name) i like kittehs and any thing L33T. also i am 60% cat, 2% human, 9% god (long story), 10% fallen angel, (so0 i have 8 wings on my back but 4 are black and the other 4 are white) and 19% assorted japanese youkai,from when i was a general under lord nobunaga's youkai army, which on the battlefield my closest friend told me to rub their blood into my wounds and drink their bodies dry (this was before STDs were invented to kill gays), also i have studied under many species of "monsters" so if you are curious, ask me, i won't say no.
also, i have many pokemon in my house katz and skitz (skitty), mystery (espeon), shade (umbreon), chakra (lucario), goddess (masqurain), mistress (misdreavus), kunoichi (female gallade), guardian (gardevior), maiden (miltank), slimer (muk), eeks (protom, not a typo, an evolution), blados (esperain, not a typo, a hybrid of goddess and mystery), aquos (vaporeon), fuzion (flareon), taze (jolteon), crystal (glaceon), flower (leafeon)

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