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Trauma Switch - ON by StummerVogel

how you portray them is admirable. i enjoy such art that is not doujinshi, unless it is about kuriboh/human hybrids. (like myself, exce...

Friends inside and out by livinlovindude

i personaly love all of your work and your style has made what i beleive to be the ultimate bonding between friends of different specie...


first of all, let me say, CALLED IT! i knew that there was a crystal tree of harmony!

i made the lock box, ect. i will divulge it in the next chapter oif truth behind the mailmare! also on fimfiction! also, i have a comic that says what i am feeling, but it won't work, so i am going to say this here, i am a cool thing and so is mlp. i won't use the word, but i will however, take followers or something, iono, so keep a watch for me on fimfiction and here, cause chapter two is coming to a site near you!


(new catchphrase, i like it)



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mutsumi youkai
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
i am a immortal parasite expunged from my home planet (whom i forget its location and its name) i like kittehs and any thing L33T. also i am 60% cat, 2% human, 9% god (long story), 10% fallen angel, (so0 i have 8 wings on my back but 4 are black and the other 4 are white) and 19% assorted japanese youkai,from when i was a general under lord nobunaga's youkai army, which on the battlefield my closest friend told me to rub their blood into my wounds and drink their bodies dry (this was before STDs were invented to kill gays), also i have studied under many species of "monsters" so if you are curious, ask me, i won't say no.
also, i have many pokemon in my house katz and skitz (skitty), mystery (espeon), shade (umbreon), chakra (lucario), goddess (masqurain), mistress (misdreavus), kunoichi (female gallade), guardian (gardevior), maiden (miltank), slimer (muk), eeks (protom, not a typo, an evolution), blados (esperain, not a typo, a hybrid of goddess and mystery), aquos (vaporeon), fuzion (flareon), taze (jolteon), crystal (glaceon), flower (leafeon)

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